N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage I.S.S.A. is one of the oldest members of the Athens Stock Exchange. The company’s mission relates to the autonomous development in order to promote the institution of the Stock Exchange through processes that enhance its transparency and reliability, effectiveness of investment services and the highest quality of service for our clients.

For over seventy years, N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage, operating in a highly dynamic and volatile environment, remains independent and prosperous thanks to its unique approach: We provide vertical and personalized transactional and post-transactional investment services without intermediaries. We cover a wide range of investment products for the Hellenic and International markets that we comprehend and analyze in depth. We work with individual and institutional investors from Greece and abroad with relationships that span for multiple generations.
Finally, we manage our company in a conservative way to ensure the sustainability, stability and reliability that investors seek.

A long standing reputation in the local markets values N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage I.S.S.A as an important independent and efficient broker for investors and serves as an inspiration for the future.

N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage I.S.S.A. supervised by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission
License Number 4/57 / 27.09.1990

Our History
Our Legacy


The roots of N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage I.S.S.A. can be traced back in 1928 when the founder, Nikos Chryssochoidis, embarked on his highly successful career in the Athens Stock Exchange.

Born in Piraeus in 1902, he initially cooperated with the stockbroker Chryssanthos Chryssanthakopoulos and was elected a member of the exchange in 1946. Since 1950 he headed the brokerage house until 1978, the year he was succeeded by his son George. Throughout his fifty-year involvement in the domestic financial markets, Nikos Chryssochoidis has been regarded as one of their most successful and highly respected members.


His son and successor, George Chryssochoidis, was born in Athens in 1947. He graduated from the School of Industrial Economics and the School of Statistics of the University of Piraeus.

He started his career as a trader and was subsequently elected to full member status of the Athens Stock Exchange in 1978, the year he took over the management of the brokerage house.




A turning point in the history of the firm has been the incorporation into S.A. status in 1991 with initial own share capital of GRD 200 million (EUR 587 thousand). Professor Haralambos Sepentzis served as the first chairman of the Company whereas George Chryssochoidis assumed the role of the Managing Director.


In 2006, N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage I.S.S.A. became a member of the Athens Derivatives Exchange and the Athens Derivatives Clearing House. The same year, the Company received the Hellenic Exchanges Distinction for its contribution to the evolution of the Hellenic stock market.


Since 2007, the company is headed by Nikos Chryssochoidis. Born in 1974, Nikos Chryssochoidis holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from the University of Piraeus and an MBA from the University of Rochester.

He is certified Analyst, Investment Manager and Investment Advisor as well as Equities Representative and Derivatives Trader for the local market.

In addition, he is NASD Series-7 registered representative (United States) and holds the Securities Institute Legal Paper and the Securities Institute Certificate in Derivatives (United Kingdom).

Prior to heading N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage I.S.S.A., Nikos Chryssochoidis has worked for DLJ in Boston and CSFB in New York and London.

SINCE 1946

we are committed to the pursuit of excellence through independent, efficient and reliable services for our clients while safeguarding the integrity of the Market.

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N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage I.S.S.A.

Experience, Reliability, Efficiency

A long standing presence in the Hellenic Capital Market

In 2006 N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage I.S.S.A. has been awarded the Hellenic Exchanges Distinction for its contribution to the evolution of the Hellenic stock market.