We have sought to build and perfect a firm recognized within the financial community for superior quality, while providing the personal attention and responsiveness that are largely disappearing from the modern investment firms. N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage has many of the attributes of a small firm - direct, personal relationships with our clients and a high level of personal service. At the same time, we have the infrastructure to operate at an efficient scale and with market presence. N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage maintains a high level of capital for a firm of its size, multiples of the minimum regulatory standards for our business. We do so out of our conservatism, our familiarity with the periodic and occasionally severe downturns in the investment environment, and our desire to ensure the continuity of the firm for many more generations.
Equities and Fixed Income securities
listed in the Athens Exchange
Equities, Fixed Income securities and ETFs
listed in the major International Markets
Derivatives listed in the Athens Exchange
Stock Lending and Stock Borrowing Services
Margin Accounts
Clearing and Custody Services
I.P.O. and New Listing Services
for Equities and Fixed Income securities
I.P.O. and New Listing Services
for Fixed Income securities

A long standing reputation in the local markets values
N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage I.S.S.A as an important independent & efficient broker for investors & serves as our inspiration for the future.

For over seventy years, N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage, operating in a highly dynamic and volatile environment, remains independent and prosperous thanks to its unique approach: We provide vertical and personalized transactional and post-transactional investment services without intermediaries. We cover a wide range of investment products for the Hellenic and International markets that we comprehend and analyze in depth. We work with individual and institutional investors from Greece and abroad with relationships that span for multiple generations. Finally, we manage our company in a conservative way to ensure the sustainability, stability and reliability that investors seek.

Experience, Reliability, Efficiency


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