Statement for the Protection of Personal Data

N. Chryssochoidis Stock Brokerage Investment Services S.A. applies effective data protection measures in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation within the framework of the European Data Protection Directive-GDPR.

Data we collect

A) Our Customer Data: identity card, date of birth, AMKA, marital status, proof of telephone communication, proof of bank account, proof of signature, proof of residence address, proof of occupation and professional address, proof of the Tax Registry Number VAT number), information on the assets and financial situation and, in some cases, the personal data of the dealers or legal representatives (where applicable), which abide under the contract between us and the existing legislation. Similarly, we collect evidence of origin of client orders, precursors of telephone conversations for which we have already obtained the consent, as well as compatibility and eligibility questionnaires regarding the investment profile with data and information on: a) knowledge and experience (with references to (b) investment objectives, risk profile and loss tolerance; (c) the economic situation and the ability to cope with potential economic losses; let investment. Furthermore, we collect evidence of sources of funds in the context of legislation to prevent money laundering, property sale contracts, additional past statements, and evidence that contain personal data and are provided to us.

Aims of Processing

We keep the contact information our Clients have provided in order to communicate with them and to inform them of matters that we are obliged by law or by our contractual relationship as well as for the marketing of products and services that we believe are of interest to them. Personal Data is also maintained after termination of the transaction for as long as required by law.

Transmission of Data to Third Parties

Our Client data may be passed on to third parties, in particular to public authorities, and in particular may be communicated to third parties (Interbank Transaction Systems or Information Files, Securities Commission, Market or Clearing Systems Administrators, Intermediaries, Custodians, Tiresias, Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and Control of Statement of Assets, as well as any other public authorities, including public prosecutors and judges, etc.) to provide / receive information to / from credit and financial institutions and investment service firms in relation to their business relationship with us or other information related to their assets, their credit history, the execution of transactions through interbank systems and the analysis of the market according to and within the framework of the existing provisions.


Interested parties may at any time exercise the right to information, access, correction and / or deletion, limitation of processing, and the
right to be transferred and / or object without specific motivation, by simply sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on
the telephone line +30 210 3213913.

In the event of exercising one of the above mentioned rights, we will take all possible measures to satisfy their request within a reasonable time and at the latest within one month of the identification of the submitted request, informing them in writing of the satisfaction of their request, or the reasons for the exercise of the right in question, or the satisfaction of one or more of the above mentioned rights, in accordance with the GDPR framework. In particular, it may not be possible to satisfy the requests in certain cases if this is contrary to our Legal Obligations.

In addition, if any right or legal obligation of our Company regarding the protection of Personal Data is violated, interested parties may file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority, namely the Personal Data Protection Authority (ADAPP) through the following link:

We urge you however, for the purpose of our improvement and in order to directly listen to any concerns you may have and manage them effectively, to contact us prior to any action directed towards the Data Protection Authority, using the contact details above.